Key Collaborators

arts management program

The Arts Management program of Sotheby’s Institute of Art at Claremont Graduate University provides students with the tools to manage, facilitate, and evaluate work in the visual and performing arts. Blending an arts and humanities sensibility with cutting-edge business savvy, the program emphasizes applied leadership studies in administration, finance, and programming. Now 14 years in existence, graduates of the program pursue fulfilling careers in arts nonprofits and social enterprises, public agencies and foundations, arts collectives and creative communities.

Center for Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies

The Centre for Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies (CTDPS) at the University of Cape Town (UCT) teaches dance and theatre performance as modes of critical inquiry, creative expression, pedagogy and public engagement. Performance is seen as a public forum for contemporary ideas, allowing us to test and debate the central concerns of our time in a space that is at once critical, emotional, and collective.

Site Visits and key partners in cape town

zeitz museum

The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa is a contemporary art museum located at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa. It is the largest museum of contemporary African art in the world.

iziko MUSEUM & slave lodge

The Iziko South African Museum is a South African national museum located in Cape Town. From human wrongs to human rights, the Slave Lodge on the lower level of this museum examines the long history of slavery in South Africa. The exhibitions address issues around and raise awareness of human rights.


Zolani Centre is an amazing performance space that programs a mixture of well-known and emerging artists and companies. The space is curated by young and visionary theatre-makers and producers.

district six museum

District Six Museum is a museum in the former inner-city residential area, District Six. The museum is a memorial to the forced movement of 60,000 inhabitants of various races during Apartheid in South Africa in the 1970’s.

Gallery at glen Carlou Vineyards

The Gallery at Glen Carlou Vineyards houses a collection of contemporary, pop and modern art by South African artists. Mediums as diverse as installation, photography, contemporary embroidery and ceramics contrast with more traditional painting and sculpture.

Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden

The Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden is a place of expansive vistas, scents and the sounds of nature. Here, the notion of the untamed wilderness within the human psyche is expressed both in the sculptures and their positioning in the landscape.

RObben island

From 1961, Robben Island was used by the South African government as a prison for political prisoners. The maximum security prison for political prisoners closed in 1991 and with the end of apartheid, the island has become a living museum and many of the guides are former prisoners.


Spaces Of Interest

Cape Town Jazz Festival

The Cape Town International Jazz Festival is an annual music festival held in Cape Town, South Africa. The first one was held in 2000 to 2005 and is recognized as the fourth largest jazz festival in the world and the largest jazz festival on the African continent.

Baxter Theater Center

The Baxter Theatre Centre is a performing arts complex in Rondebosch, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. The Baxter, as it is often known, is part of the University of Cape Town; it is also the second largest performing arts complex in Cape Town, after the Artscape Theatre Centre.

Magnet Children’s Theater

Magnet Theatre seeks to celebrate a spirit of theatrical research and to challenge participants in our activities, performers and audience, through experiences that shift bodies, assumptions, feelings, beliefs and understandings. Striving to be a moving force in the lives and minds of people in relation to changing local and global contexts.

Wear South AFRICAN

Wear South African (WearSA) is a movement driven through the collective vision of a local network of honest, passionate South African fashion industry activists striving to make a difference through design, manufacturing and retail in the clothing & textile industry.

Crypt in the Cathedral

THE CRYPT is a famous historic meeting place beneath St. George's Cathedral where African and International jazz, cultures and cuisine fuse. 
The St George's Cathedral Crypt, built in 1898, is an important Cape Town landmark and museum.

black box theater

The mission of Black Box Theater is to prepare our youth artists to contribute towards the growth of creative arts industries; advocate for support to develop; and to grow and sustain arts and culture in the community .

makukhanye art room

Makukhanye (''Let be the light'') Art Room, is an award winning Shack Theatre that is based in Khayelitsha, one of the biggest townships in South Africa. The Art Room was established in 2007 in response to the scarcity of rehearsal and performance spaces in townships.

faculty and participating alumni